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UNIQA is insuring the recently re-opened Albertina
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UNIQA is insuring the recently re-opened Albertina In a press conference held on March 13, 2003, together with Albertina’s Director Schröder and the Federal Ministers Gehrer to mark the ...

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In a press conference held on March 13, 2003, together with Albertina’s Director Schröder and the Federal Ministers Gehrer to mark the reopening of the newly renovated Albertina, CEO Klien spoke about UNIQA’s role as Austria-based art insurer. By sponsoring and insuring the new Albertina, UNIQA takes yet another step towards being the leading art insurer in Austria.

As part of its reopening, the Albertina is presenting the life’s work of the Norwegian artist Edward Munch. It is the first time his work is being shown in Austria and the most extensive show of his paintings that has ever been displayed anywhere in the world.  The importance of the entire exhibit is reflected in the high insurance value, which is over 100 million euros:  The paintings, drawings and graphic works are covered for the most part by Norwegian government insurance.  UNIQA underwrites the remainder of the insured amount, supported by internationally experienced reinsurers who specialize in art.

In addition, UNIQA is covering Albertina’s stationary risk on a first loss basis against all risks and is insuring the special exhibit and the loans. UNIQA has the necessary competence in this specialized field and can therefore guarantee damage and loss protection at all times (e.g. during the exhibit, during transportation, while the artwork is being mounted and taken down, etc.)

Dr. Klien is convinced that, “by insuring the Albertina UNIQA is taking an important step in the art insurance sector. Many years of experience and the specialized know-how of our in-house experts are being utilized to protect the Munch exhibit, putting the valuable Norwegian national cultural heritage in safe hands.

Both in Austria and worldwide, UNIQA is one of the few insurers that can insure an art institution the size of the Albertina on its own. We are extremely honored that the Albertina is relying on our experts to provide it with insurance protection for all its valuable art treasures.”

Examples of UNIQA ‘s dedication to art and culture are its sponsorship of the Salzburg Festival and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and its insurance services for the Klimt exhibit in the Belvedere or the “Treasury Poland” exhibit in the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna.  “As one of the leading central European insurance companies, UNIQA is committed to its Austrian identity. Because we see ourselves in this role we cooperate with numerous major Austrian cultural institutions”, says Dr. Konstantin Klien, CEO of UNIQA.

The “UNIQA and safe”-slogan applies not only to the Albertina and other Austrian or Central and Eastern European cultural facilities, but to private enthusiasts and collectors of valuable objets d’art as well. With the product “art & passion” launched in 2002, insurance protection for art objects is guaranteed far beyond the scope of normal household insurance policies.  UNIQA offers itself as a competent partner with insurance solutions for both cultural institutions and private collectors. 

UNIQA College for Journalists 2003 in Salzburg
As a reaction to last year’s overwhelming succes, UNIQA is once again launching its “training campaign” for young journalistic talents (maximum age: 29) within the framework of the Salzburg Festival. The “gates to the UNIQA practical college” are now open for young, culturally interested journalists – from eight European countries in Central and Eastern Europe – offering them a unique opportunity.

From August 2nd to 9th the College for Journalists will offer for the second year in a row, not only first-class expert discussions and practical tips but also an exclusive look behind the scenes of the Salzburg Festival.  Applications can be made starting immediately at the College website under  http://www.uniqa-college.com.

UNIQAGroup Austria
The UNIQA Group Austria is one of the leading insurance groups in Central Europe and consciously combines its Austrian individuality with European stature. As a group with strong international orientation the UNIQA Group Austria is actively aware of the opportunities that the European markets have to offer. At present UNIQA is represented by the UNIQA International Versicherungs-Holding GmbH with subsidiaries in Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Poland, the Slovak Republic, Spain and Switzerland



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UNIQA sponsoring Albertina

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