Solidarity is our Foundation

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Solidarity and cohesion are the foundation on which our company and everything we do stands upon. This is what will also steer us through this challenging time.

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Vienna, March 2020.

Dear valued customers,                                                                                                                                                                     

The current coronavirus crisis and resulting COVID-19 lung disease affects us all. Each and every one of us must make their contribution towards protecting those in our communities for whom this virus is potentially life-threatening – especially the elderly and those with pre-existing illness conditions. Only together will be able to overcome this challenging time, as soon as possible.

At UNIQA, we trust in the measures set out by the Austrian government and have been applying them. The health of our customers, i.e. you, as well as our employees has the highest priority. We are seeking to keep the risk of infection for each individual to a minimum, to help ensure the best possible protection for everybody. We are reducing all activities requiring personal face-to-face contact to the absolute essential minimum. Where possible, we have moved daily operations to telephone and virtual/online collaboration, with our employees working from home.

Despite these extensive measures and surrounding conditions, our services for you, our customers, will of course continue to be available. Additionally, we are working on how to further support you to manage and overcome the various health, social and economic effects that this crisis brings with it. The trust you have gifted us at UNIQA as your insurer of choice which we continue to be grateful for is something that we want to justify especially in this challenging time of crisis.

You can learn more about the benefits that your personal insurance coverage has in relation to the coronavirus crisis and the possibilities we have to support you in difficult situations from your personal advisor or broker, as well as from our telephone customer service (+43 50 677 670). Damage reports / claims can best be registered via our website or myUNIQA service app. Health insurance submissions can also be made via myUNIQA.

Solidarity and cohesion are the foundation on which our company and everything we do stands upon.  This is what will also steer us through this challenging time.

Nobody is currently able to say how long this crisis will last. Therefore we will set ourselves up in anticipation of a longer time. This requires patience, perseverance and assuredness.

I would personally ask you: take good care of yourselves! Please treat the government’s guidance and instruction as well as the advice of experts seriously. Please stay at home to the fullest extent possible until advised otherwise. And please do not forget about those who, in this difficult time, especially need our support and an open ear.

Stay positive. Stay well!

Yours faithfully,

Andreas Brandstetter                                           Peter Humer
Chairman of the Board                                         Member of the Board

The UNIQA Group is one of the leading insurance groups in its two core markets of Austria and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Around 19,200 employees and exclusive sales partners serve 10.5 million customers in 16 countries. In Austria, UNIQA is the second largest insurance group with a market share of around 21.4 per cent. In the CEE growth region, UNIQA is at home in 15 markets: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Croatia, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, the Ukraine and Hungary.

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