Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. We therefore ask you to briefly take time for the following information and explanations.

This is the privacy policy of the company:
UNIQA Insurance Group AG
Untere Donaustraße 21
A-1029 Wien
Tel.: +43 (0) 50677-670
Fax: +43 (0) 50677-676

Should you have questions regarding this Privacy Policy please contact us directly by post or e-mail.

The gathering and processing of http protocol data: During visits to our website and every file call-up, our web server collects information for a protocol regarding these procedures (e.g. browser type, date and time of the call). This is not personalized data and it is impossible for us to assign the logged data to a certain natural personage.

We employ all of this information exclusively for statistical purposes. No transfer to third parties takes place and we do not link this data to other information. In addition, following statistical evaluation the data is erased at regular intervals.

The use of cookies: Cookies are data sets, which are sent from the web server to the web browser of the user, where they are stored for subsequent call up. You determine whether or not cookies are collected, by setting your browser in such a way that you receive information regarding the storage of a cookie, and storage first occurs when you expressly permit it.

We only employ cookies for the purpose of receiving information concerning the use of our web offers and statistical purposes. These data sets do not contain any personalized information. No combinations with any personal information furnished by you take place.

In order that our users have better services at their disposal, we make every effort to continually improve the functions and services of our Online Press Center, the content thus offered, the information provided to the individual media, editorial teams and media representatives, and our communications policy efforts.

For this reason, individual, personalized data is gathered and logged. This detailed data may relate to the validity of the e-mail address belonging to you of which we have knowledge, the deliverability (bounces) of content to your e-mail address, the successful supply of press releases, the call up of content provided by us, and the preferred language setting.

Personalized data is only stored to the extent that you yourself provide it to us by subscribing to the press center , it has become public knowledge via the media or classified directories, or has been revealed in the course of our direct cooperation or cooperation with legitimated third parties. This data is employed exclusively for the purpose of press releases and PR activities. We use the personalized data supplied to us by you outside the bounds of the press center purely for the answering of your inquiries, or within the scope of what is required for contractual fulfillment. We wish to point out expressly that temporal data such the data, time and dwelling time is non-personalized and is only collected and stored for statistical purposes. Exchanges of data with other companies do not occur and we do not pass on any data to companies, organizations or persons outside our company, or the service operator. Data is not supplied to third parties, unless we are subject to a mandatory obligation in this regard.

We make every effort to safeguard all the stored data against third party access by means of technical and organizational measures. However, for the sake of completeness we must point out that no system can guarantee complete data protection.